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About Us

Antonio Soddu
Founder of CurlFriends, Celebrity Stylist
Antonio Soddu

OK, so what exactly are these revolutionary salon products and how do they make curly hair soft, shiny and sexy?  Simple...CurlFriends is a comprehensive scientific system of high quality, natural salon hair care products that provide extra special conditioning specifically designed for any degree of curly, dry or unmanageable hair for men, women or children.  You should see results in minutes.  That's why Curlfriends is known by salon professionals as "The Frizz Beater".

Recognizing that environmental factors play a significant role in the condition of your hair, Antonio Soddu designed seasonal and climate-specific products, which make curly, dry or unruly hair a thing of the past. CurlFriends conditions and repairs hair that has been overexposed to chemicals or the natural elements.

If you don't happen to have curly hair, you are still in luck. Although CurlFriends is a comprehensive system of hair care products specifically designed for the special conditioning needs of curly hair, it is also wonderful for dry, damaged or generally unmanageable hair.

Antonio wants you to know that the CurlFriends product line is very gentle and you don't have to use a lot to get really fabulous results. The product line is scientifically designed for all the products to work in harmony with each other. It gives consumers total control over their hair eith soft, shiny, sexy hair results!

What do customers say about CurlFriends?

"Hello, my name is Janis Gabelli from Pennsylvania and I just wanted to share my short story about CurlFriends and how they changed my view on how to take care of my curly hair the right way! I got an advertisement sent to my email about this hair product, and me being the one always looking for the right hair products, decided to give CurlFriends a chance. I tried their products and couldn't believe my eyes. It made my hair beautiful and I didn't have to use mousses or sticky gel's because CurlFriends saved the day! So thank you, CurlFriends, you are one of my newest trusted friends that I can keep at hand!"

Janis, PA

"I wanted to let you know that I tried four of the products this morning and I love them!  I used the Cleanse Daily Shampoo, Nourish Rinse Out conditioner, Control Gel and Rejuvenate Texturizing Mist."

Melissa, IL

"I have been using your shampoo, Control Gel and Rejuvenate Texturizing Mist for 6 months now. I love them. I have thick hair which I had permed. My problem has been that the hair takes the perm unevenly, one side is straighter and frizzier. Your stuff has really really helped. I am much curlier now!"

Trish, MD

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