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Loose Curls

Loose Curls

Styling Tips & Best Products For Loose Curls

Loose, relaxed, subtle and smooth.  Loose curls and waves extend from the roots in an 'S-shaped' pattern, curving gently in alternating directions creating natural motion. 

Loose curls can have beautiful shape and volume, but they can sometimes take a bit of loving care to get them there.   Loose curls and wavy hair can sometimes lay flatter than you'd like or it could have an inconsistent pattern causing it to lay flat on top and become wavy toward the middle and ends, creating uneven distribution of volume. Like every curly hair type, this hair can also be prone to frizz.  Keys to caring for and styling loose curls:

  • Be careful not to weigh your hair down if you'd like more volume. An easy way to do this is by removing natural and product buildup by regularly using a curly-safe clarifying shampoo such as our Purify Shampoo, and always using a good rinse out conditioner.  Use lighter products like a small amount of Control Gel when styling to encourage curl and add a little bit of hold, and use Rejuvenate Texturizing Mist to pump up the volume! 
  • Loose curls can sometimes get 'puffy' or 'big' from humidity and without definition can just feel out of control. Make sure to use a humidity-blocking product like Control Gel and a good finishing product like Tame Smoothing Serum or even a few extra spritzes of the Texturizing Mist to lock out humidity and block frizz.
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