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Classic Curls

Classic Curls

Styling Tips and Best Products for Classic Curls

Bouncy and defined, springy or spirally, classic curls are more tightly woven and more voluminous than loose curls and waves.  They have a defined pattern that can curl and spiral.

The tighter the curl, the more prone it will be to dehydration and frizz.  Classic curls need to be serious about moisture and take steps to avoid over-drying and frizz. Keys to caring for and styling classic curls:

  • The more curl, the more moisture is a general rule. Make sure to use conditioner, especially on mid-shafts through ends. Follow with Leave-in Conditioner.
  • Classic curls often need a bit more definition and hold. To get both, use Control Gel to define and lock curls in. After application, do not disturb the curls while they are drying. Do any finishing touches when the hair is 100% dry.
  • Block out frizz by using any of CurlFriends styling and finishing products.
  • Day two through seven, refresh using Texturizing Mist.
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