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Ask a Curl Friend:  How do I Care For My Curly Hair in the Fall and Winter?
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Ask a Curl Friend: How do I Care For My Curly Hair in the Fall and Winter?

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Fall and Winter mean dry air and dry hair, among other things.  How do you change up your routine to make the best of the crisp, cold and sometimes windy weather?  We asked some of our curly girlfriends from Instagram for their favorite cold weather tips:

Protective Styling

'I love to do protective styling, usually buns to keep my hair out of the way from the bi-polar weather.  I finger coil my hair for the week because it tends to get frizzier around this season.  Make sure any hats or beanies are satin lined so that they are good for my hair.'



A Good Gel

'Fall means that the humidity makes way for crisp air with perfect dew points that are suitable for humectant use, so I bring out those glycerin products again.  The wind is strong and drying, so a good gel (like Curl Friends Control Gel) is a must for me!  I also don't skimp on the deep conditioning!!'



Maintaining The Moisture Is a Must

'I love fall season, the beautiful colors and the perfect weather, but with fall season our hair requires extra love and attention. Some of the things I do to maintain my colored hair are as follow: 

  • I alternate Co-wash with shampooing, this will help maintain the color and moisture.
  • I deep condition once a week and I also do an Oil treatment, the cold weather will dry your hair so maintaining the moisture is a must.
  • One of my favorite things to do is a DIY hair Rinse with Hibiscus flower, Ginger and Garlic to help with hair growth.
  • For styling I try to do styles using head scarfs and wraps for those cold rainy days to protect the hair from damage.'



'Dew' this one thing!

'One of my best tips for styling hair during fall, and any season really, is to check the dew point!  Learn how your hair reacts to different dew points and the ingredients in your products, biggest offender being glycerin!  If the dew point is too high or low in your area for that day, choose a product that is free of or low in glycerin to minimize frizz!'




Pre-poo and Deep Condition

'The number one change to my routine for Fall and Winter is adding moisture!  Cooler temperatures mean I can extend my wash days to once a week, so it is important to get in as much moisture as I can by pre-pooing and deep conditioning with every wash massaging my scalp with a few drops of oil every night, and misting my hair with a refresher spray every day.  This keeps my hair soft, shiny, and hydrated.' 




Squish to Condish!

'One of the best things I do for my hair is deep condition every week and squish to condish, working in thoroughly into my strands.  This and protecting my curls while I sleep give me fantastic results!'