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7 Struggles Only Curly Haired People Understand

When polled, nearly 80 percent of women claimed they would rather have curly hair. While curly hair is widely sought after by women and men alike, maintaining curls isn’t all fun and games. In fact, our curly-haired comrades are faced with daily hardships that straight-haired folks remain blissfully unaware of. Here are the top struggles only naturally curly-haired people can understand.

7 Struggles Only Curly Haired People Understand


When our hairdresser quits... Expect a nervous breakdown.

Straight-haired people have the luxury of waltzing into any old hairdresser and walking out with a beautiful, even cut. Curly-haired folks scarcely have it so easy. Cutting curly hair is an art form in itself and one that few hairdressers have mastered. For those with curly hair, the words “I quit” from a hairdresser are milk-curdling, blood-boiling, fighting words that put a damper on the whole week. Or the whole year. Or as long as it takes for you to find a new stylist that doesn’t leave you looking like the lead role in “Annie.”

We may love the rain, but we will not be dancing in it.

There is one thing that all curly-haired people know. The humidity will never be flattering. Humidity and curly hair go together like peanut butter and sardines. It’s a combination that never has favorable results. Nonetheless, with many states throughout the U.S. being prone to humidity, the curly-haired people of the world have no choice but to persevere. Fortunately, there are a variety of hair care products that can eliminate frizz and tame your hair, even on the rainiest of days.

Strangers think our curls are public domain.

A problem that rarely afflicts straight-haired folks is one that curly-haired people know all too well. It seems an oddly large portion of the human population simply cannot resist the urge to run their fingers through a stranger’s curly locks.

Our awkward stage was way more awkward.

While everyone goes through an awkward stage, for curly-haired folks, it was way more severe. Puberty is nobody’s finest time, but for some curly-haired people, their growth spurt had them looking like Slash after a weeklong bender.

We’ve sustained serious battle wounds fighting our hair

In the fierce faceoff between you and your curls, your curls often emerge victorious. With burn marks seared into your fingers and arms, using hair straighteners just isn’t worth the risk.

Your straight-haired partner offers no sympathy

While straight-haired people may claim to understand, the truth is, how could they? Instead, they pester and complain about your lengthy beauty routine, while expressing little gratitude for your skillfully mastered hairstyle and the literal blood, sweat, and tears it took to create.

Short hair is not an option

For men or those with wavy or gently curling hair, you’ve still got the luxury of cropping it off. However, for women boasting tightly wound curls, you’re forever condemned to a lifetime of lengthy locks. Just an inch too short and people will be mistaking you for Richard Simmons.


While curly hair certainly has its perks, it also comes with a host of added difficulties to keep it in line. Curly-haired people have to be more fastidious than ever with their daily hair care routine, as one false move will have them looking like they’re from an 80s hair metal band. Fortunately for the modern generation, we live in an era with a vast array of products and technologies designed to simplify your hair care routine. To tame your curly mane once and for all with CurlFriends products! 


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  • Dee P.: August 01, 2017

    This is a great one to share with my curly haired family! It’s nice to know that someone can truly relate! ;)

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