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The 7 Best Foods for Healthy, Shiny Curls


With Thanksgiving dinner around the corner, food is on the minds of many. We thought we’d take the opportunity to discuss a few foods that promote healthy, strong and shiny hair. A few of them might even make it to your holiday table…

(Pro tip: We saved the best for last)

Fatty Fish

Certain high fat fish (like sardines, salmon, and mackerel) will promote the growth of healthy hair and skin. They are packed with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are excellent for both your curls and your heart... they also support your cognitive function and will help to lower your cholesterol!

Greek Yogurt

Packed full of protein, Greek yogurt contains up to 20 grams per serving. It also contains healthy fats that will soften and rejuvenate dry hair.

Healthy Foods for Curls - Greek Yogurt

Here's the recipe for Honey-Roasted Pineapple with Greek Yogurt.

Sweet Potatoes

Here's one that will be on most Thanksgiving tables! Whether prepared sweet or savory, sweet potatoes are filled with beta-carotene, which is a nutrient that helps your body convert vitamin A. Adding beta-carotene to your diet will lead to stronger, shinier hair.

Healthy Foods for Curls - Sweet Potatoes


The humble egg is a true nutrient powerhouse, containing roughly 5.5 grams of protein, ample B vitamins and a host of essential minerals. And with only 70 to 80 calories per egg, we've found ourselves a healthy breakfast choice that rapidly improves the health of your hair.


What better way to complement your breakfast eggs than some sizzling, mouth-watering bacon. As if anyone needs an excuse to eat more bacon... It's loaded with protein, iron, B vitamins and zinc, which is the perfect nutrient combo to boost hair growth, strengthen damaged roots and provide a radiant glow to your locks.

Healthy Foods for Curls - Bacon

MMM... Bacon! The only bad part about bacon is getting burned by splattering oil when cooking... Fear not, here's a great recipe for making perfect bacon in the oven!


On a whole, nuts are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals that will promote healthy hair growth. However, the nut that we want to highlight is the modest walnut, which will provide your curls with a glowing sheen. Delicious atop salads, in desserts and speckled in Asian stir-fries, the walnut is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E to provide you with soft, shimmering hair.

Nuts of all shapes and sizes will be included in many Thanksgiving and Holiday dishes this year... Maybe it'll be these Green Beans with Almonds or this excellent ("healthier"Pecan Pie.

Dark Chocolate

Well, this is a relief! Now you can spare yourself some guilt each time you indulge in some sweet and succulent chocolaty goodness. Dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants, iron, B vitamins and protein, all of which work together to enhance the health and shine of your hair.

Best Foods for Curls - Dark Chocolate

Obligatory Dark Chocolate recipes:
  • Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Skillet Blondies

  • Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bites

  • Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookies

  • Salted Dark Chocolate Popcorn

  • Dark Chocolate Bark with Pistachios & Walnuts

  • By making a few smart decisions with regard to your diet you can attain healthy, beautiful hair easily. When combined with your favorite all natural Curl Friends products your hair's natural shine and strength will be amplified many times over.

    One final parting tip: Use Curl Friends Leave-In Conditioner at night to provide a deep, penetrating hydration to your dry hair. You'll repair damaged hair while you sleep!