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3 Step Wash and Go for Curly Hair

One of the many perks of having naturally curly hair is the ability to simply wash and dry your hair before heading straight out the door ready to take on your day in style. Your curls are easy, low maintenance, and typically look great all of the time.

The wash and go is iconic for naturally curly hair. But the question is; how do you create perfect, natural curls with minimal frizz and optimal shine? Here's the step by step guide:

Nourish Rinse-out Conditioner

Step One: After shampooing, saturate your hair with warm water before working in a deep penetrating conditioner like our Nourish Rinse Out Conditioner. By co-washing your hair with a quality conditioner, you are feeding your curls the essential nutrients they need to feel soft, defined, and manageable throughout the day.

If you have tangles in your hair, this is a great time to gently work through them with your fingers. 

Control Gel

Step Two: After rinsing out the conditioner, follow up with a curl holding gel. Our Control Gel makes the difference between a easy, beautiful wash and go and a clumped up mess.

Once the conditioner is completely rinsed out and while your curls are still soaking wet, flip your head over and scrunch the gel into your hair. Avoid racking your fingers through your curly hair as this can lead to more frizz and less defined curls.


Shine Gloss Hair

Step Three: After scrunching your hair, flip your head right side up and shake the curls out. Try your best to avoid getting them wet again!

Once you finish up in the shower, simply use an old t-shirt to squeeze off the excess water one section at a time.

For extra-long lasting shine, add a few drops of our Shine Hair Gloss at the end of the process. It really only takes a few drops! 


Your curly hair will be defined, shiny, and the envy of everyone you know!




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