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4 Ways to Dress Up Your Curls This Spring

Spring is officially in season; the flowers are blooming, and we are bringing lighter colors back into our wardrobe. This season, try adding a little spring to your curly hair by brightening up your regular, everyday style with fun hair accessories!

Vibrant scarves

By now you have seen the scarf trend take off for curly haired women. You can dress curls up for a night out or tie them up casually for relaxed Sunday brunch with friends. Opt for a scarf that's not made of cotton, which is drying by nature. Instead, look for a (material) scarf that will protect your hair on days that you want to cover up. Whether you're covering up your entire head or just a portion of curls, patterned, vibrant scarves are a great way to change up your style.


Your curs always looks good pushed back with a headband. And there are all different types of headbands to choose from! The sunny, warm weather of spring is perfect for a delicate headband that'll hold back all or a portion of your curls. They also add that extra sparkle of style when you wear your hair in up do's and ponytails.

Flower pins

A few seasons ago, chunky flower crowns were everywhere, and everyone was wearing them. While those are still around, a more everyday version of this style is little flower pins. These hair pins have colorful flowers attached at the end, and when inserted into your curls, they look like little flowers sporadically placed throughout your curls. These pins are perfect for low buns and loosely held together styles.

Hardware accessories

Metal versions of headbands, hair pins, and hair ties with metal details add an extra eye-catching level of your curly hair. It is clean yet stylish and perfect for the spring. They add an interesting spin to the typical spring colors and floral designs.




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