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3 Ways to Lighten Your Curls for Spring

During the frigid winter months, our curly hair can take a hit. Between the dry, crisp air and cool weather, kinky curls need heavier, more moisturizing products to protect them. But, when springtime rolls in and the temperature rises, the products we need to maintain healthy curly hair changes. Much like the difference between winter and summer makeup and skin care, your hair products should change with the seasons to ensure your curls are getting everything they need. 

So where do you need to make the swap to have beautiful natural curls all year?

Ditch the heavy butter moisturizers and replace with a light leave-in

Heavy butters are great during the winter. They help to lock in moisture and protect against the frigid, harsh winter temperatures. However, when spring and summer roll around, the thick, moisturizing butters and oils can weigh your wavy curls down. One great alternative to try is our Replenish Leave-in Conditioner, which will give your curly hair the moisture boost it needs while blocking out the humidity that comes with warmer weather.


Swap out your drying gels for moisturizing pomades 

During the winter, gels can help to keep your curls in perfect condition. But, in the warm weather, gels can leave your hair feeling dry and crispy in the worst way possible. Swap out your gel for our Seduce Pomade to create definition and texture while avoiding the flaky crunch that happens with gel.


Switch out drying shampoos for clarifying cleansers 

If you have been using heavy products throughout the winter, a stronger shampoo will help remove the buildup. However, a light clarifying shampoo is perfect for the warmer months. Curlfriends Cleanse Daily Shampoo is perfect for all curls from kinky curls and spiral curls to wavy and loose curls.

Curly hair care should move with the flow of the seasons. These simple swaps will make your spring that much more beautiful!



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